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What is a Tax Bookkeeper?

Obligation derived from law is not presumed. Obligation is a juridical necessity to give, to do and not to do. The Tax Code mandates that no other accounting shall be used for income taxation but the accounting bookkeeping in conformity with the Tax Code and the rules and regulation issued under its authority. The Tax Accounting rules can only be found from the letters of the laws and the interpretations made by the BIR Chief, the Court of Tax Appeals and the Philippine Supreme Court.

A Tax Bookkeeper is law-abiding; he/she extinguishes his/her obligation on time without mental reservation and purpose of evasion.

A Tax Bookkeeper (a) uses, commits, promotes, protects, sells and markets ETM’s Tax Accounting Brand; (b) leases, occupies, and uses ETM’s Address, office spaces and facilities located in the Philippines; (c) seeks, avails, and uses ETM’s intellectual Support; (d) promotes, protects, and preserves Integrity; and (e) access, avails, and uses ETM’s Competence for the benefit of his/her clients and Country.

A Tax Bookkeeper raises tax awareness.

A Tax Bookkeeper is an ETM Bookkeeper.