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Undeclared Revenue/Income per Third-Party Information - Emelino T Maestro

Undeclared Revenue/Income per Third-Party Information

by Lovely and Guia
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Undeclared Revenue/Income per Third-Party Information

This controversy can be best used as an argument in filing a protest against NOD, PAN, FLD, or FDDA. This argues that the revenue officer relied on the third party information coming from the buyers/clients of the taxpayer which may not be accurate since the taxpayer's client may have a different method of accounting being practiced in their company.

How to use this template:

  1. Read and understand the content of the template.
  2. Change the details/content as needed to fit your own tax case.
  3. Provide the details needed (if any)
  4. Print enough copies. 
  5. File and have it received by the offices involved including those who should be copy furnished to which are stated on this template. Note: It's best to follow the sequence/order of the offices when filing.
  6. Keep at least one receiving copy for future reference.

Available Templates (templates are sold separately):

  • As per Summary List of Purchases (SLP)
  • As per BIR Form 1604E
  • As per BIR Form 2307


  • This template cannot be used alone. Must be paired with a header, additional controversies/arguments (if needed), and Prayer-Signature.
  • Different controversies/arguments are available on this website and sold separately. Choose the controversies that are applicable to your case.
  • Template updated 06-03-2021