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Tax Accounting Bookkeeping (from TPU)

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One of ETM's popular lecture is now available ONLINE!

Be trained in the superior accounting system and simplify the way you comply!

He has made Tax Accounting easy to digest whether you are an accountant, businessman, or just someone who wants to learn, you too can understand the complexities of Tax Accounting today!

In these online lectures, you will be able to:

  1. Learn why Tax Accounting is superior to any other Tax Accounting System;
  2. Know what to finally write in your Books of Accounts to avoid penalties;
  3. Know when to debit or credit transactions; and
  4. Have a deeper understanding of taxation and explore the business opportunities and
  5. Sample entries for different transactions.

Tax Accounting Bookkeeping is available in eight (8) different lectures:

  1. Consumer Relations
  2. Supplier Relations
  3. Management Relations
  4. Investor Relations
  5. Creditor Relations
  6. Employee Relations
  7. Government Relations (BIR)
  8. Government Relations (Others)

You may rent these videos for a day for 1,250 PHP each or you may purchase it at 3,500 PHP each.
You may also avail the bundled promo where you may access these 8 videos for a week for only 7,000 PHP!


  • The video rented/purchased
  • ETM's Gift
  • Certificate of Completion

The first 100 viewers will be given ETM's Gift. You will be given a coupon code which you can use to watch 50+ videos in which you will learn valuable lessons in the field of Tax Accounting such as:

  • Tax-Based Financial Statements
  • How authorized representatives will keep you safe
  • Adjusting Journal Entry
  • Chart of Tax Accounting Titles and many more!


After the confirmation of your payment, a separate email shall be sent to you containing the coupon code and the link to redirect your to the Taxpayer University website.

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