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Emelino T Maestro

Request for Urgent Review on Audit Prescription Period

Request for Urgent Review on Audit Prescription Period

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Request for Urgent Review on Audit Prescription Period

This template can be used to challenge the terms of BIR Operation Memorandum No. 66-2022. The content argues whether the BIR's four hundred twenty (420) day extension on the prescription period to assess is valid. This is applicable to taxpayers who are being audited for the taxable year 2019 and prior years.

For a separate fee, Mr. Maestro may review your case to ensure that it is eligible for the template.

Template version: March 2, 2023

What will I get?

A digital copy of the template/s

How will I receive the template?

An email containg the download link of the digital file shall be sent after acknowledgement of receipt of payment.

How to use this template?

1. Read and understand the content of the template.

2. Verify the correctness of legal provisions used.

3. Retype the template.

4. Change the details/content as you see fit.

5. Provide the details needed.

6. Include other controversies/arguments to dispute/answer other issues in your assessment, if applicable. Different controversies/arguments are available on this website and are sold separately. Choose the controversies/arguments that are applicable to your tax case.

7. If applicable, add factual basis to your arguments.

8. Print enough copies.

9. Affix your signature to all copies.

10. File and have it received by the offices involved including those who should be copy furnished to which are stated on this template.

11. Keep at least one receving copy for future reference.

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