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Request for Immediate Audit - Emelino T Maestro

Request for Immediate Audit

by Lovely and Guia
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Request for Immediate Audit

This template is used to request for the immediate audit of books of accounts and other accounting records and providing detailed schedules and rules that the assigned Revenue Officials should observe while conducting an audit in the taxpayer's place of business.

How to use this template:

  1. Read and understand the content of the template before providing the details needed and affixing your signature. 
  2. Print enough copies. 
  3. File and have it received by the offices involved including those who should be copy furnished to which are stated on this template. Note: It's best to follow the sequence/order of the offices when filing.
  4. Keep at least one receiving copy for future reference.
  5. If in case, the BIR did not respond to your request after 3 days from the filing of Request for Immediate Audit, file the Last Opportunity Before Suits following procedures 1-4. 

Available Templates (templates below are sold separately):

  • Request for Immediate Audit
  • Last Opportunity Before Suits

 Note: Templates updated 04-27-2021