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Expenses: Deductible or Not?

Expenses: Deductible or Not?

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Are you using itemized deductions as your method of deduction? Then it’s important for you to declare as many expenses as possible to reduce your income tax due. But did you know that some of the expenses you’ve declared might not be considered as allowable deductions to your gross income?

Join us as we discuss this issue that has been one of the root causes of income tax deficiencies in the majority of tax assessments.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Know the essential elements of allowable deductions.
  • Know the problems that might arise from declaring expenses that are not considered as allowable deductions.
  • Learn how to substantiate different expenses to be considered allowable deductions.
  • Know what remedy you may apply to the expenses you have declared but were not properly substantiated.

What are the inclusions?

Access to the recorded webinar for two weeks

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An email containg the YouTube link of the private video shall be sent after acknowledgement of receipt of payment.

Only the email address that you have provided in the registration shall be given access.

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