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Estate Tax Consultation

Estate Tax Consultation

Regular price ₱5,600.00 PHP
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Do you have a property to be inherited from your departed loved ones that you haven't transferred to your name yet?

Let our team help you prepare your Estate Tax!

Book an online consultation with us first and allow us to review your documents.

    What's included?

    - One-time online consultation (30 mins-1 hr)

    - Estate tax computation (based on the the provided documents)

    - Illustration of order of succession (to illustrate how the estate shall be distributed among the surviving heirs and to determine how many estate tax shall be prepared)

    Where will the consultation be held?

    Via Google Meet or Zoom

    Is there any documents that I need to present during the consultation?

    To properly address your concern, we would require you to provide the scanned copy of the following documents 2 days before the scheduled consultation:

    - Death certificate of decedent/s

    - Birth certificate of the heir/s

    - Proof of ownership of the property (e.g. land title, stock certificate)

    - Proof of valuation of the property

    Is estate tax preparation included?

    The fee specified here is for the initial consultation only.

    Estate tax preparation is currently available for Metro Manila only.

    A separate professional fee for the Estate Tax Preparation will be billed once you proceed with the engagement for Estate Tax Preparation. The professional fee for the Estate Tax Preparation will be based on the outcome of the initial consultation and review of your documents.

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