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by Lovely and Guia

Email Consultation

Email Consultation

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Having difficulties in filling out your tax returns? Received a notice/letter from the BIR that you are unfamiliar with? 

Let us help you with your tax concerns. Consult with us via email!

What tax concerns are covered in this consultation?

You may ask concerns regarding open cases, BIR audit, tax mapping, or tax compliance.

For questions regarding BIR assessments and DOJ Subpoena, we recommend you to avail of the online consultation.

How does this consultation works?

You are entitled to send one email containing your five (5) questions. Make the questions clear and specific so we may address your concerns properly. Asking vague questions might result to unsatisfactory answers/solutions.

After your payment has been received, you will receive an email containing the acknowledgement of the payment and the email address where you may send your questions.

Do I need to provide any documents for the consultation?

In order for us to understand your concern better, we recommend that you include the scanned copy of the relevant documents, if any.

When can I expect a reply to my email?

We will answer your tax concerns within 48 hrs. from the date when you sent the questions.

Is tax case handling included?

The fee specified here is for a one-time consultation only.

Any follow-up consultation, assistance, or engagement beyond this will be charged for another professional fee.

If you express your intetion to proceed for an engagement with tax case handling, you are required first to undergo and avail an online consultation.

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