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Request for Notice Delivery - Emelino T Maestro

Request for Notice Delivery

by Lovely and Guia
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Request for Notice Delivery

This template is used to ask the BIR to observe proper way of delivering notices/communications to the taxpayer.

How to use this template:

  1. Read and understand the content of the template before providing the details needed and affixing your signature. If you haven't declared any authorized representative to the BIR yet, it is best to attached also a duly filled BIR Form 1905 and a Special Power of Attorney/Board Resolution (a template for Declaring Authorized Representatives is available for sale on this website.)
  2. Print enough copies. 
  3. File and have it received by the offices involved including those who should be copy furnished to which are stated on this template. Note: It's best to follow the sequence/order of the offices when filing.
  4. Keep at least one receiving copy for future reference.