Reconciliation of Collection Through Tax Remittance Advice (TRA) 

The reconciliation of collection through the TRA is undertaken to validate possible discrepancies in the recording of these collections by the BTr-CO in its books of accounts and the reporting/encoding into the CBR-ITS database by the RDO.

The RAD shall:

  1. Receive the Weekly Compliance and Alpha list of NGAs (WCA-NGAs) (Annex 200-1.14) duly stamped received by the concerned local BTr office from the RDOs and the Regional Finance Divisions, as well as the copy of the Monthly Trial Balance and Statement of Internal Revenue Collection (SIRC) from the Regional Finance Divisions;
  2. Consolidate all the collection data from WCA-NGAs (Annex 200-1.15) and SIRC-TRAs received from the different Regional Finance Divisions;
  3. Require the Regional Finance Divisions to validate the consolidated WCA-NGAs and SIRC (Annexes 200-1.15 and 200-1.16), in case there are noted discrepancies in the reported data;
  4. Receive amended WCA-NGAs and SIRC, if any, from the Regional Finance Division;
  5. Receive the BTr JEV and reconcile the same with the consolidated WCA-NGAs and SIRC. Request the BTr to make an adjustment in the BTr JEV, in case of any discrepancy with the recorded collections;
  6. Furnish BTr with the list of noted discrepancies for adjustment;
  7. Inform RDO of adjustment. [Refer to CM 110.2 Payment through TRA-Collection Reporting (RDO/Regional Collection Division)]; and
  8. Furnish the Withholding Tax Division copy of the validated consolidated WCA-NGAs.

The BTr shall:

  1. Receive request from RAD for adjustment of BTr JEV on collections thru TRA;
  2. Validate accuracy of the request for adjustment; and
  3. Prepare BTr JEV for the adjustment made on collection thru TRA, if necessary, and submit the same to BIR-RAD for recording.

The Regional Finance Division shall:

  1. Receive the RAD’s request for validation of WCA-NGAs and SIRC;
  2. Validate the WCA-NGAs and SIRC. Require the concerned RDOs to amend their respective reports, in case of discrepancy;
  3. Receive adjustments in the WCA-NGAs from the RDOs and prepare amended WCA-NGAs and SIRC, if adjustments thereto are necessary, and submit the same to RAD immediately; and
  4. Notify RAD of the accuracy of the WCA-NGAs and SIRC, in case no discrepancy exists.

The RDO shall:

  1. Receive the instructions from the Regional Finance Division to validate accuracy of the reported discrepancy in the submitted WCA-NGAs;
  2. Verify the WCA-NGAs collection data from the source documents to determine accuracy of the reported collections from NGAs; and
  3. Prepare amended WCA-NGAs, if necessary, and submit the same to the Regional Finance Division. 

The Withholding Tax Division shall:

  1. Receive from RDOs through e-mail the WCA-NGAs and the validated WCA-NGAs from RAD;
  2. Match the collection information in the WCA-NGAs received from the RDOs and the RAD;
  3. Coordinate with the RDOs and RAD, in case discrepancies are noted in the matching of the reported data; and
  4. Prepare management reports on collections thru TRA and the compliance by NGAs on the remittance of taxes withheld thru TRA.
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