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Reconciliation of Collection Through the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) Direct Crediting 

This payment scheme likewise allows the BTr to directly credit the account of the TOP in payment of internal revenue tax liabilities of government agencies, including the BTr, government-owned-and-control corporations and the BSP. The reconciliation process requires the matching of the BTr records of remittance with the returns required to be filed together with the proof of payment.

The RAD shall:

  1. Receive from BTr the summary of collections and the BTr JEV on collections through BTr direct crediting;
  2. Match the collection data reflected in the BTr JEV with the information shown in the summary of collections from the BTr;
  3. Coordinate the reconciliation of data with the BTr, in case of existence of discrepancy, and require the concerned office to submit amended report thereon, if necessary;
  4. Notify all the concerned RDOs of the tax collections made thru BTr direct crediting, and request the RDOs to validate the data with BCS-CBR/ copy of the tax returns filed and proof of payment, if needed;
  5. Receive from the RDO the report on the results of data validation. In case of noted BTr discrepancy, coordinate with the BTr and ensure that any adjustment on the reported collection will be taken up by the BTr thru the issuance of BTr JEV; and
  6. Upon receipt of amended BTr JEV on BTr direct crediting, amend BIR JEV and record in eNGAS [(Refer to CM 109.2 Payment through BTr Direct Crediting-Collection Reporting (RDO/Regional Collection Division)].

The RDO shall:

  1. Receive the request from RAD to validate the collections through BTr direct crediting;
  2. Validate the collection data in the CBR-ITS database; and
  3. Inform RAD of the results of the validation.

The BTr shall:

  1. Receive the request from RAD to validate the noted discrepancy(ies) based on the results of validation by the RDOs; and
  2. Prepare necessary adjustment(s), amend the BTr JEV on direct crediting, if necessary, and send copy thereof to the BIR-RAD.