Reconciliation of Collection Through Revenue Collection Officer (RCO) 

A major reconciling item in the reporting of collections through the RCO is the discrepancy in the date of recording of these collections. ROR collections per the RDO collections based on deposit dates with the AGDB. Non-recording or late recording of ROR payments into the ITS database is also a reconciling issue.

The RAD shall:

  1. Receive BIR Collections – Treasurer of the Philippines (TOP) from AGDB and the JEV from the BTr;
  2. Reconcile the information in the above reports and coordinate with the AGDB and BTr, in case of discrepancy;
  3. Receive the Statement of Report of Collections and Deposits (SRCD) (Annex 200-1.0) from the Regional Finance Division;
  4. Reconcile the data in the BTr JEV and the SRCD. Request the BTr to effect the adjustment of BTr JEV, in case of existence of BTr discrepancy;
  5. Prepare the Summary List of Discrepancy (Annex 200-1.11) arising from reconciliation of BTr JEV and SRCD data; and require the Regional Finance Division to validate the information in the SRCD, in case of SRCD discrepancy;
  6. Upon receipt of the BTr JEV on RCO collections as adjusted, inform Finance Division concerned to effect the necessary adjustments in the BIR JEV as well as in the eNGAS; and
  7. Receive the confirmation of accuracy/amended SRCD from the Regional Finance and inform the RDOs of the adjustments made to the tax collections credited to their respective district offices, if any, for purposes of amending their BIR Form No. 12.09 collection reports [Refer to CM 107.2 Payment through the RCO – Collection Reporting (RDO/Regional Collection Division)].

The BTr shall:

  1. Receive request for adjustment of BTr JEV on RCO collections;
  2. Validate the accuracy of the request for adjustment;
  3. Prepare BTr JEV on RCO collections in order to effect the necessary adjustments, if any; and
  4. Submit to BIR-RAD the BTr JEV on the adjustments made on collections; if any.

The Regional Finance Division shall:

  1. Receive from RAD the Summary List of Discrepancies (Annex 200-1.11) noted in the SRCD and BTr JEV reconciliation;
  2. Validate data in the SRCD; and require the concerned RDO to amend the submitted report of collection, in case of discrepancy;
  3. Confirm the accuracy of SRCD data with RAD, if there is no discrepancy;
  4. Prepare the amended SRCD upon receipt of revised collection reports from the concerned RDOs;
  5. Amend the BIR JEV upon receipt of the adjusted BTr JEV on RCO collections and record the same in the eNGAS; and
  6. Transmit to RAD the amended SRCD, if any.

The RDO shall:

  1. Receive the instruction from the Regional Finance Division to validate the discrepancy on reported collections noted by RAD;
  2. Review the collection reports submitted to the Regional Finance Division to validate existence of discrepancy noted by RAD; and
  3. Prepare an amended collection report, if necessary, and submit the same to the Regional Finance Division.
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