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The process starts with the receipt of tax returns and the direct credit advice filed by the BSP and the encoding by the RDO of tax payment in the CBR for uploading into the CBR-ITS by the RDC. CBR and RPS processing of tax returns, as well as the preparation of the collection report, are also undertaken by the RDO in the same manner as in the processing of collections through AAB-OTC. The collections through the BSP Checkless Payment Scheme are integrated into the consolidated monthly statistical report of revenue collections.

The RDO shall:

  1. Receive the tax return filed by the BSP with direct credit advice as proof of payment;
  2. Match the information in the tax returns with the information on the direct credit advice. Notify the BSP to make the necessary adjustments, in case of any discrepancy;
  3. Encode the collection from BSP checkless payments in the CBR-ITS; and
  4. Process the tax returns and attachments in accordance with existing procedures (Refer to CM 101.2 Payment through AAB for OTC Transactions – Collection Reporting – See RPS and CBR Processing).

The RDC shall:

  1. Upload the payment data into the CBR-ITS database. Once uploaded and the payment data is tagged as “POSTED”, the collection data is automatically posted to the taxpayer’s ledger; and
  2. Generate the Consolidated Monthly Statistical Report of Revenue Collections (BIR Form No. 12.09) and forward the same to the concerned RDO for validation not later than the 10th day of the following month.

Preparation of the Monthly Collection Report.

The RDO shall:

  1. Receive the system-generated BIR Form No. 12.09 collection report from the RDC;
  2. Validate the collection data on the BSP checkless payments. Make the adjustment, and/or request for data-fix under existing policies and procedures, in case of discrepancy; and
  3. Submit the duly validated BIR Form No. 12.09 not later than the 15th day of the following month to the Statistics Division and the Regional Collection Division.

The Regional Collection Division shall:

  1. Receive the validated BIR Form No. 12.09 from the RDOs;
  2. Review and consolidate the BIR Form No. 12.09 collection reports; and
  3. Submit the consolidated report of collection to the Collection Service not later than the 20th day of the following month, for monitoring and management information purposes.