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The reporting of collections made through the ESM/EZPK involves the encoding of tax payment data by the AAB branch and the transmittal of data to the RDC thru EDT for uploading in the CBR-ITS database. The BCS-A, the tax returns and other reports shall be submitted by the AAB branch to the RDO concerned for CBR and RPS processing, and preparation of the collection report. The collections through the ESM and EZPK are integrated into the consolidated monthly statistical report of revenue collections.

The AAB Branch shall:

  1. Batch the tax returns/forms/declarations received thru ESM/EZPK separately from regular OTC collections;
  2. Prepare BCS-A and attach the same to the physical tac returns/forms/declarations received;
  3. Generate the LBDES report and transmit the same to the concerned RDCs via EDT; and
  4. Submit the following documents/reports to the concerned RDO:
  • BCS-A together with the returns/forms/declarations and attachments
  • ESM/EZPK Transaction Journal
  • Daily Rejected Report
  • Retrieval Discrepancy Report, in case of any discrepancy.

The BIR shall proceed with the uploading of tax payment data into ITS database by the RDC; retrieval of tax returns/forms/deductions; the CBR and RPS processing, and reporting of collections by the RDOs. The collections from the ESM and the EZPK shall be integrated with other tax collections in the consolidated statistical report of revenue collections prepared on a monthly basis (Refer to CM 101.2 Payment through AAB for OTC Transactions- Collection Reporting).