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The Electronic Fund Transfer Instruction System (eFTIS) is a payment system used by commercial and universal banks in paying their own tax liabilities. This is a system developed and maintained by the BIR for the electronic and paperless payment of taxes due thru the internet. RMO No. 4-99 prescribes the policies and procedures for the processing and monitoring of commercial and universal banks’ own tax liabilities, whether or not these banks (referred to as the “BANKS” in the same RMO) are accredited by the BIR as AABs, by requiring payment of all types of taxes due (except capital gains tax and the corresponding documentary stamp taxes) from these banks through the eFTIS.

In line with the implementation of the eFPS to large taxpayers under the jurisdiction of the LTS and the LTDOs, the eFTIS being used by the BANKS in paying their own tax liabilities are considered e-payment.[1] The BANKS are thus required to file their respective tax returns/forms/declarations via the eFPS facility.

[1] RMC No. 20-2002.