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Every taxpayer has the right to transfer their Revenue District Office (RDO) that has jurisdiction over their employment or business. 

    Here are the following primary requirements needed to transfer RDO:  

    Primary Requirements (individuals not engaged in business)

    1. Duly filled BIR Form No. 1905

    Primary Requirements (transfer of business registration to another RDO)

    1. Duly filled BIR Form No. 1905;
    2. Inventory List of Unused Principal and Supplementary Receipts/Invoices or Request Letter for Approval of Use if the Unused Receipts or Invoices in New RDO; and
    3. Notarized Transfer Commitment Form.

    If transacting through a Representative:

    For Individuals:

    1. Special Power of Attorney (SPA); and
    2. Any government-issued ID of the taxpayer and authorized representative.

    For Non-Individuals:

    1. Board Resolution or Secretary’s Certificate; and
    2. Any government-issued ID of the authorized representative.

      To know the step-by-step procedure, watch this:


      Source: Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 57-2020