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Emelino T. Maestro, C.P.A.
Emelino T. Maestro, C.P.A.Tax Accounting Guru of the Philippines
ETM stands for EMELINO T. MAESTRO where the initial “T” means ‘tax’. Kidding aside, “T” stands for Tolentino. He wrote more than 30 books in the field of taxation, is the Father of Tax Accounting and Tax Guru to others. Professional tax-lecturer of many organizations as well as institutions nationwide. Founder of the School for Tax Consultants, ETM Tax Agent Office, Inc., Auditor Ng Bayan -Ombudsman’s Accredited Corruption Prevention Unit, Taxation Professional University and Tax Accountants Society.
Experience in Taxation
  • The rule of taxation shall be uniform and equitable

  • Rights of taxpayers first

  • Tax according to what the law requires and legally allows

  • Resource speaker in many Business forums, Educational Seminars and Technical Sessions.

  • Resource person in crafting better Tax Laws in both Lower House and Senate bill hearings.


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