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With Or Without Experience, you can SAVE MONEY from TAXATION.
With Or Without Experience, you can MAKE MONEY out of TAXATION.
Register and Attend the Tax Mapping Specialista

For the Tax Mapping Specialista Event, you have to buy the kaTaxCode 2018 which already incorporated the TRAIN LAW (RA 10963) for P2,500/copy in order to get the Manual for Tax Mapping Specialista on installment basis for P10,000/copy payable in ten (10) months. Furthermore, you have to submit a duly signed Application for Study Now Pay ETM Later at the event gate and initially pay the amount of P1,000 before it will be handed over to you. Your failure to observe and obey this simple task will disqualify you to be entitled thereof. Thanks a lot for reading and complying herewith.”

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